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Estate Planning Attorney

  • Member of Federal and California Court

  • Member of Federal Tax Law Court

  • Member of The American Law Institute

  • Member of California Lawyer Union

  • Member of the American Bar Association

Our estate planning attorney graduated from Shanghai Fudan University with a master’s degree in Physics. He obtained his MBA degree in Finance and master’s degree in Accounting from Georgia Institute of Technology. After years of a professional career on Wall Street, He pursued his law degree with a concentration in commercial law, tax law, corporate law, and tax return law at Pepperdine Law School.

Our estate planning attorney is also a member of the Federal Court, Federal Tax Law Court, The American Law Institute, the California Lawyer Union, and the American Bar Association. He specializes in business law, commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, immigration law, and inheritance law. In addition, he also provides legal advice regarding wills, living trusts, tax-saving trusts, asset protection trusts, and charitable trusts for our clients.  

Our firm have worked with him closely on mutual clients for years. He is a dedicated professional in working with our high-net-worth clients and providing them with the more current and precise legal advice, helping them preserve their wealth for themselves and their descendants.  

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